I want things to *just work*, so i can spend my time creating content.

I want *all* elements of the system in place and working, with *no* decisions having to be made before starting to create a simple web document that satisfies the above principles.

Basically, i want what millions of people creating billions of documents want.

1. Instead of being told by W3, DreamWeaver, HomeSite, HTML Tidy, or anything or anyone else how to accomplish that task, im instead given millions of options, and have to spend days, weeks, or months sorting through them, analyzing, and experimenting. This is beyond the abilities of the vast majority of people creating web documents, and is a severe pain for anyone that has the ability but not the time.

Since XML user agents are forbidden to continue processing invalid XML, it appears to be *impossible* to make valid XHTML 1.0 documents.

(I couldnt find an online SGML parser, so i couldnt validate whether or not XML was valid SGML. Ill just pretend that it is, and that big brother is taking care of the underlying technology that everything else is defined by. And as far as i know there has never been a full implementation of SGML, but ill assume that valid subsets of it have been implemented and XML conforms to that valid subset.)

3. There is no official recommended way to convert older, possibly invalid HTML to modern valid (X)HTML. DreamWeaver has no tool to convert my existing HTML pages to XHTML. I have to switch to a second application, HomeSite, and use a third-party add-on, HTML Tidy, which means looking up documentation on the web for lots of confusing unix command-line options, some of which look like theyll create invalid XML.

4. HTML Tidy is poorly documented, has too many of some options and not enough of others, and is apparently buggy (unless HomeSite is the culprit).

4.1. I want my encoding to be modern, which indicates Unicode, and for reasonable compatibility it seems i should therefore use UTF8. But when i have a document with non-ASCII symbols, HTML Tidy corrupts them.

4.1.2. So i right-click on it in HomeSite, choose Edit Current Tag, and get a dialog that doesnt give me a list of valid encodings. So now i have to know that iso-8859-1 is a latin-1 encoding and not a UTF8 encoding, and i have to manually modify it to be the correct canonical name, which may be described somewhere on the net if i look hard enough.

The center cannot hold, and it probably wouldnt even if it could.

All is chaos, and someone must ruthlessly wrest control. I am that someone. Ill let you know when my standard is available.